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What To Do When Choose the Bridesmaid Dress
What To Do When Choose the Bridesmaid Dress

Except the the bride on the wedding, the bridesmaid is also another beautiful scenery. On the wedding, there are also so many people will pay their attention on the bridesmaid. You if you are the bridesmaid, you must choose the most suitable bridesmaid dress for yourself. Then you will be more beautiful. So next I will share some little tips about the best bridesmaid dress with you. I really hope it is useful.

First, Tutu dress is very cute. If you are a lovely petite girl. Then the princess tutu dress is just suitable for you. It will make you become more sweet, beautiful and cute. Its fabric is tulle. So it can be very fluffy, just like an umbrella. After wearing this tutu dress, you like sweet princess. The color of the dress is generally warm colors. For example, pink, purple and the like. Do not wear a deep color. Very dark color skirt style does not match. Because dark colors look you very mature.

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Second, One shoulder little dress will make you give us special refresh feeling. You will be very very clever. Everyone, especial the gentlemen will want to protect you. However, wide shoulders who do not wear it. Otherwise, make your shoulders look more spacious. Also, do not wear a necklace. Otherwise your neck sites will give us the feeling about that there is very crowded. You can wear earrings, earrings. You can also wear a bracelet.

Third, if your dress is silk. Do not drying in the sun is very strong. After you wash it. You can put it in a cool place to dry it. In fact, regardless of any material clothes. All that needs to be avoided the sun's glare. Otherwise, it is easy to fade and damage the fabric. Silk clothes are afraid of being hung up. To stay away from sharp objects. Once hung up. Then it is easy to de-wire. Do not let it on the mat or on the board being scratched.

Many ladies love summer perfume. But in the perfume, do not put perfume sprayed on dress. Sometimes will leave yellow spots. Some high-end dress in general, their prices are very expensive. So when we wear it, we must be more careful. We need to want to protect the best bridesmaid dress.