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Which color of bridesmaid dress is best in summer

Which color of long bridesmaid dress is best in summer

The best friend will hold a wedding party in summer. She invite you to be a bridesmaid of her. You should dress well in the wedding party as a bridesmaid. But which one and which kind of bridesmaid dresses is the best to wear? And also which color to choose is the problem. Now we will introduce some kinds of bridesmaid dresses in follow.

Green series

The green dresses is full of energetic and show your characters of elegant and noble. It is very suitable for white skin bridesmaids, otherwise it doesnft suitable for yellow and black skin bridesmaids. Also the style of the dresses should according to your body in result to be the bridesmaid who doesnft look good.

Pink and rose red dresses is the most formal color in bridesmaid dresses. This color is very bright and moving. But style and details should be simple. Donft be colorful. One is to decrease your level and another is to have suspicion of distracting

Purple Korean series

Bright purple bridesmaid dress is very shining, this color is not suitable for yellow skin bridesmaids. As it has been very brisk, and there is no need to select a very complex style. Otherwise, you look like the bride.

Blue series

Blue gives a feeling of freshness, Blue Bridesmaid Dresses is a good ideal for summer dress, but it is not suitable for the theme of Chinese wedding. In selecting of this long bridesmaid dresses you should great attention to style, in addition to personal preferences, but also to the selection of suitable stature.


Gray series

In China's wedding, we rarely see gray line dress Moreover and this is the Bra dress. Gray dress more suitable for outdoor lawn wedding, this can be a very good combination of color and nature, if the situation in the church will look like old-fashioned stiff.

The above five kinds of color is the main summer bridesmaid dress colors, these colors are costume designer door and picked and chose conclusion, any kind of colors are not bad, so ready to go to a good friend when you bridesmaids ready to choose which color bridesmaid dress it?